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Powered by Express Feedback®, the Expresit platform enables instant customer feedback
Our technology drives real-time customer and associate connection to help leaders build great businesses, organizations, and cities.
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Instantly get insightful data about your customers or constituents with the Expresit Dashboard.
The Expresit dashboard, powered by Express Feedback, provides a compelling dashboard where your business can view and respond to customer feedback in real-time.
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Our proprietary approach lets customers share feedback in 30 seconds and organizes it for you.
Performance Analytics
You can sort, search, filter, and share your feedback.
With the recognition feature you can see where your employees, associates, or volunteers are connecting with customers and build culture from their strengths.
When feedback comes through the Expresit app, you can reply directly to the customer to let them know you care.
Get email notifications whenever a customer submits feedback.
Fix Privately
Positive comments (over 90%) are celebrated loudly while constructive feedback (under 10%) can be heard and fixed privately.