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Lindsy, on Norma from Chick-fil-A
"My 13 month old son and I frequent this Chick-fil-A quite often. Every time we walk in, and Norma is working, she greets us, gives my little man a high five and talks with him. If she takes our order she helps us to our seat and offers another friendly gesture before returning to work. My heart is overwhelmed by her hospitality, genuine kindness and interest in my son and honestly, she has made this Chick-fil-A our Chick-fil-A. We'll drive out of our way to come here because of the difference she's made."
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Expresit for a Cause runs September 1 - October 31. Every piece of feedback you leave on businesses will earn your selected cause $1 (up to $4 per day, excluding feedback on participating affiliations). Visit our Terms of Service for more information. Click here to view and download a shareable PDF with program details.